Darkhawk (lilairen) wrote in diffambitious,

On a more serious note, an intro.

Just to possibly get the ball rolling and sort of express why I decided to start this thing (aside from it being elynne's fault).

I used to have a neurosis. I used to break down on the one I live with semi-regularly wanting to know if it was all right that I was at home and working on my novels, not out there with a Real Job being Productive (i.e. 'earning money'). Needing to be assured that I wasn't a freeloader, leech, or waste of protein.

I still have a neurosis, but it's mostly under control.

These days I'm working on the novels. I'm thinking of, in a couple of years, starting up a small business to sell craftwork that I'm currently not actually equipped to do yet. I'm considering a few other "impractical" things, including some that will probably take a fairly substantial outlay of resources to pursue. And I'm trying to learn how to do the housework better to improve the neurosis-coping techniques.

I'm hoping this community will wind up being a place where people can share their successes and accomplishments in the realm of their ambitions, swap tips about finding time to fit things like their arts in around the things required to live, discuss ways of making transitions from "9-to-5 with gigs on the side" to "full-time musician" and similar things, and occasionally vent if need be. And whatever else seems appropriate and comes up, y'know?

Hi there.

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