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Mavericks Pseudonymous

For the Differently Ambitious

Not Living Willingly in the Nine-to-Five World
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See, here's the thing.

If you've got a nine-to-five job, you're a Productive Member of Society. You're respectable, you count. You even count if you work nine to six or eight to four. You're a responsible adult.

This is a community for irresponsible responsible adults. The ones who don't buy it, or can't stand it. The ones who aren't doing the socially acceptable, "productive" things that other people will think are a "real job". The people who aren't lucky enough to have what they love to do, what the calling of their heart is, bring in enough cash to pay the bills.

We're here for providing community in our real workplace -- our homes, our studios, our corners of life that can actually respond to our dreams. We're here for sharing our accomplishments, our achivements of goals for the work that matters, our commiserations. We're here to offer tips to make pursuing goals off the beaten path easier. We're here to swap stories.

In other words, this community is for freelancers, artists, writers, stay-at-home parents, crafters, unchurched clergy, small-business founders, and everyone who's ever heard "But you're wasting your potential!" or "Why don't you get a real job?" in response to following their dreams. It's also for people who have a job that other people accept as 'real' who are trying to make ends meet without losing what really matters to them. And for people who actually have that good job that makes 'em happy and still want to go take two years off to study the migration patterns of emu or something.

Your moderator is lilairen. Play nice.

Motto: Though I must live up to contracts, I will not give up my dreams. (-- Billy Joel)